Together, Let's Support Our Downtown South Businesses

Last updated on June 21, 2016

In the days since the tragedy at Pulse, our community has united.We’ve lined up for hours to donate blood.

We’ve joined each other for vigils at Lake Eola Park and numerous other locations throughout our region. We’ve helped victims receive financial support by making donations to the OneOrlando Fund.  

Now that Orange Avenue has completely reopened, we can again come together to support our local Downtown South businesses who have also been impacted by this tragedy.

Many of Downtown South’s businesses were closed for days. Others have had few customers due to the road closure, making it difficult to pay employees and bills.

The businesses that were able to remain open were diligent in providing assistance in any way possible to our first responders and law enforcement agencies.

I thank our Downtown South businesses for being so supportive following the tragedy. Together, let’s unite to support these businesses.

– Buddy Dyer, Mayor

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