OneOrlando Fund Claims Update

Last updated on September 19, 2016

With the help of the OneOrlando Fund Board and the Fund Administrator, Ken Feinberg, the OneOrlando Fund has made great progress towards distributing more than $26 million to victims’ families and survivors in a responsible and transparent manner.

The National Center for Victims of Crime received 351 claim forms that were postmarked by the posted deadline of Monday, September 12.  Ken Feinberg, the administrator, is in the process of reviewing the claims to verify them.

The Fund did receive competing claim forms for some of the deceased victims. Those filing competing claims or claims lacking a Distribution Plan and/or Consent Forms have been notified that they must resolve those issues by Monday, September 26, 2016 or the funds for the victim will be deposited with the appropriate area probate court.

The claims the Fund received were submitted based on the final protocol approved by the OneOrlando Fund Board based on feedback from Equality Florida, the National Center for Victims of Crime/National Compassion Fund and the Orlando community, including those present at the Town Hall meetings held on August 4, 2016.

The following are the next steps in the distribution process, based on the final protocol:

  • Preliminary audit reviews are being conducted to provide a total amount of money raised by each of the Fund organizations. These reviews will be completed this week.
  • All monies received by the OneOrlando Fund by Friday, September 23 will be part of this distribution.
  • The board will meet prior to Tuesday, September 27 to adopt a distribution allocation based on the final amount in the Fund.
  • Once the allocation is adopted, funds will be prepared for distribution. Direct deposits and check distributions will begin on Tuesday, September 27 on a rolling basis.
  • Independent Audit scheduled to begin after Saturday, October 15.

The City is proud of how the Orlando community, our nation and the world continues to come together to support the victims’ families and survivors of the Pulse tragedy.

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