OneOrlando Fund Distribution Update

Last updated on December 02, 2016

The OneOrlando Fund has distributed $27,410,000 for 299 claims, representing 98 percent of all eligible claims filed.

Six claims remain unpaid because consensus on a distribution plan by the family members has not been reached.  The Orange County Bar Association is providing mediation services to assist families in reaching a consensus. If the parties can’t reach an agreement, the claims will be handled through the probate court process.

In total, 333 timely claims were submitted to OneOrlando.  Three hundred claims were verified and eligible and 33 were deemed ineligible.  Claims were ineligible because individuals were not inside Pulse at the time of the shooting or could not be verified by the FBI.

Fifteen late claims were received and reviewed for eligibility. Five claims were verified as eligible in the Present Category and will be paid to the victims.

In total, OneOrlando will disburse $29,510,000 on 305 claims.

After the donation deadline, OneOrlando continued to receive donations and the fund is carrying a balance of $655,000.

View the detailed breakdown for the OneOrlando Fund(PDF, 314KB)

On January 1, 2017, the OneOrlando Fund will stop accepting donations. When the OneOrlando Fund closes, the OneOrlando Fund Board will reconvene to determine how to distribute the remaining available funds.

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