Installation of New Commemorative Fence Screen Surrounding Pulse

Last updated on September 13, 2016

Installation of New Commemorative Fence Screen Surrounding Pulse and Transfer of All Memorial Items to the Orange County Regional History Center

September 13, 2016 – Orlando, FL – On Monday, September 19, the owners of Pulse, the City of Orlando, the Downtown South Main Street District and the Orange County Regional History Center will install a new fence around the perimeter of Pulse. The new fence features a commemorative screen wrap displaying art pieces created by local residents in response to the June 12 Pulse Tragedy. The commemorative screen will serve as a visual memorial in remembrance of the 49 victims and more than 50 injured during the Pulse shooting, and as a testament to the strength, unity and love demonstrated by the Orlando community in the face of tragedy.

As safety remains a top priority for the City of Orlando, the new fence will be significantly reduced in size; ensuring residents, visitors and employees and patrons of the surrounding businesses can safely visit and navigate around the site by foot or vehicle. Visitors to the memorial are reminded to be considerate of the surrounding businesses and to adhere to all parking and traffic regulations.

In conjunction with the new fence and screening, the Orange County Regional History Center will begin collecting the majority of the tribute items currently at Pulse starting Friday, September 16. For the past seven weeks, the Orange County Regional History Center has been working to carefully collect and archive all the non-perishable tribute items that have been placed at the Pulse Nightclub site; all items are being catalogued and photographed prior to their long-term preservation at the Orange County Regional History Center. The City will collect the remaining flowers and bring them to Leu Gardens where they will be organically turned into soil that will be used in gardens throughout the City. The City will also be collecting the candles and storing them.

Information on OneOrlando Collection Initiative:

The One Orlando Collection Initiative is a partnership between Orange County and the City of Orlando, and was established to preserve history and properly care for the many thousands of tribute items created in response to the tragic loss of life that occurred on June 12, 2016 at Pulse nightclub. Since the tragedy, Orange County’s History Center has collected and preserved well over 3,500 items, including the 49 Pulse Crosses that were previously on display at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Orange County’s History Center will continue to actively remove items from the various temporary memorial sites throughout Central Florida. The History Center will also be collecting other items related to the event, including photographs, stories, social media items, artwork, and more, so these memories will be available for future generations. To share your story, contribute memorial items, or for more information, please visit




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